Get to know our horses


Fiesta is the leading mare of the group. She comes from Slovakia, from a line of jumping horses. She has mixed blood.

Fiesta is pretty dominant and always tries to be in the centre of attention. She will chase away the other horses, but when out of the field she turns into a follower and is happy just happily walk along with the other horses.



Luna also comes from Slovakia and is Fiesta’s younger half sister. She is very curious and playful. Her father was a big Slovak eventing horse, but she has mixed blood herself. Luna is a follower, but knows what she wants and will let you know if she disagrees with something.



The little big boss pony Dino, who’s full name means “little spotted one”. Dino looks like a little Indian horse with his spots. He is very friendly and playful and loves cuddles and attention. Dino loves to work, but needs a true leader, especially when going for a hack out. In the picadeiro or when leaded from the ground he is a great pony for kids.



Or Cinzenta, as her name would be in Portuguese. She is the name giver of this organisation and was saved from being alone in a field, with her feet tied together and really depressed. Her former owner had no time for her anymore and luckily we could be the proud new owners of this beautiful, graceful little lady.

Grey very much likes to please people and loves to work. She loves kids and is very calm with them in the picadeiro. Once outside, hacking out, she is very forward and really needs an experienced rider. She always wants to be in the front and is a good leader. Every now and then she needs the help of her rider when passing someplace scary or new. This means the rider has to dismount and guide her by hand to reassure her.

Grey can be a bit nervous and has separation anxiety. She does not like to be apart from the other horses. This probably is the result of her being alone for so long in the past.


Macey was saved from slaughter by horse rescue centre “Their Voice Portugal” and later bought by us. She is a young little lady, only in the beginning phase of her training. She is around 70% Lusitano, but not good enough for the breeder who sold her to the “meatman” for slaughter.

Macey is very playful, curious and loves to be around humans. She loves to be groomed and handled. She is the baby of the group, but certainly stands her ground.












Meias is een klein paardje, ook gered van de slacht door Their Voice Portugal, terwijl hij al op een veldje bij het slachthuis stond


Meias is a small horse, also saved from slaughter by Their Voice Portugal. He was already in the slaughterhouse, but put on a field to gain some extra weight. When he came to us he was skin and bones and had a big wound on his foot from being tied to a rope. It took months for the wound to heal, but now it doesn’t seem to bother him anymore.

Meias is the leader of the herd. He is a very loving boy to his 2 girls (Macey and Fiesta), but a little devil towards Dino who tries to challenge his leadership every now and then. Meias loves attention and grooming. He loves cuddles and is very calm to ride.

Meias means socks in Portuguese and he got this name for obvious reasons.





20151021_174854Caramelo komt uit Lissabon waar hij gered is uit een situatie van mishandeling en verwaarlozing. Hij heeft een witte plek op zijn schoft als herinnering aan een grote wond door slecht passend tuig.

Caramelo is een vriendelijk, maar wel wat afwachtend en afstandelijk paardje door zijn eerdere nare ervaringen met mensen. Het duurt even voor je zijn vertrouwen en knuffels krijgt, maar dan is hij ook echt met je verbonden. Hij is de passieve leider van de kudde en op buitenritten meestal degene die de anderen door een “enge” situatie heen helpt. Een heel betrouwbaar en geduldig paard, maar vergis je niet. Pit heeft hij zeker en hij houdt van de wedstrijd aangaan als het op hard gaan aankomt 😉